Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blog o' the Day - Pt. 2

In the constant battle between good and evil on the Michigan blogosphere, there's one cool cat we can always count on to keep it real...WizardKitten.

WK is a lean and mean feline, and she's got a razor-sharp wit ready to do battle with even the richest Republican. Make no mistake, cross WK and you're asking for it. An established blogger, she's long been a hero-of-sorts to this new kid on the block. Her stuff is always solid and fact-driven, none of the rhetorical spin you might be used to from the Righties.

Aptly titled For My Amusement Only, the Kitten isn't out to make friends, just to educate, inform, and just like the rest of us lefties, keep Michigan real. Stop on by, say hello, you might just find yourself with one more Must-Read stop on the Information Highway.



Cathleen said...

Thank you Lucy- that is very nice of you!

"Lean and mean" was a term once used to describe Betsy DeVos.

Sometimes I scare myself when I get like that... but man, these guys really deseerve it.

I have had enough of their swindling the people of Michigan. Time to fight back, as our Governor would say!

LiberalLucy said...

Hear, hear!

Absolutely, and we're the stuff of Michigan that's going to keep it real and really working for our citizens!!

My apologies for any similarities in the lean and mean reference...I'm not sure I could ever be that mean to anyone, especially you!

Cathleen said...

Oh, I can... don't underestimate me there. I'm just not particularly happy with myself when I get like that- whereas I think the Betster actually enjoys it.

But whatever- If they can't handle the heat, they can get out of the kitchen!

Betsy trained me well. ;-)