Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stabenow v. Bouchard Debate - Part Three

How do we get a handle on federal defecit spending?

Mikey - She's ranked #1 biggest spending senator. It's a real problem. If a Republican's going to waste your money, I'm gonna kick it hard. We need line-item veto, her amendments and votes belie the fact that she's a big spender.

Debbie - An OK senator made that comment - quite silly. When I came in 2001, we had surplus, now we have a defecit. The reality is hundreds of billions of dollars in tax subsidies for fuel companies - Haliburton - no bid contracts - this has to stop. Outrageous

14Q - Low opinion of Congress, what has to happen to restore Am. belief in congress?

Debbie - I'm a co-sponsor of legislation to stop revolving door. Congress ppl serve corp. needs, not ppl. We need to have a change.

Mikey - I put handcuffs on ppl for 20 years. I speak up clearly when wrong happens. Foley absurd. Senator Reid makes a $20 m on land he doesn't own. She ought to call for independent investigation. We have to serve the ppl.

15Q - MI is most racially segreated state in nation - why?

Mikey - Situation of concern - we need integration, I want that in Flint where I was born. City of Detroit needs to revive, I want to help out. I wrote bill in state senate to revive urban areas. I'll call together urban leaders and get things done.

Debbie - Very important issue. No strategy under bush. We're going in the opposite direction than we need to go. Lots of cuts to educational spending. Diversity is our strength. Vote no on Prop 2. To Mikey - I wish he would return every $ to Bush and Cheney till they stop exporting our jobs.

16 Q - Do you support path to leadership for illegal immigrants.

D - I voted no, because it went to far and cost us jobs. I do think its important to have border security and legal system that is fair and effective. My focus is on our jobs that we're losing because of failed policies.

M - Another issue she doesn't get - border security is big issue for me. I'm against illegal immigrantion. 52% of I.I. caught had criminal backgrounds. She voted for and then against border fence. 70% of her money has come from other states - who is she representing?

17Q - High Gas Prices - how do we get a handle on it - should govt. take bigger interest in funding alt. energy

M- Absolutely. Everyone's affected by it. My opponent has filibustered energy package, and then voted for it. We need someone who sticks to a point and get results.

D - Alt. energy - absolutely critical. I supported energy bill that has 35% tax credit for building alt. energy plants. Exciting for me to see opportunity for MI agriculture to make alt. energy - best researchers in the world, auto industry second to none.

18Q - What's position on water quality - what should federal role be?

D - I authored 1st ban on great lakes drilling. Can't live here and not love the Great Lakes. My family loves MI. We have a serious set of issues on our hands -- we're tackling 10 yr plan to protect endangered species - hopefully Rep. will help fund us.

M - Water diversion shouldn't happen. We need to protect that. We need someone who will get results. Talk's not results. We don't need a lot of money to protect against carp - only $20M. We need someone who will actually get something done to get results.

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