Monday, October 16, 2006

Granholm v. Amway Guy - 3rd Debate Wrap-Up

It's over, finally. Lady Gov nailed Tricky Dick, despite his best attempts to change his speech, look older or more authorative (what were those old lady glasses he had on?) and had a much better-rehearsed speech.
The Guv came out with a wallop as she scolded, and I mean scolded him for using the Ricky Holland case in ads against her. As the way-right Detroit News explains

Granholm went on the attack immediately, accusing DeVos of exploiting the names and images of dead children in his television advertisements to further his political ambitions and to fuel "an unfounded political attack."

DeVos in recent days has stepped up attacks on Granholm for her response to the deaths of children in Michigan's foster care system, saying if he was governor he would have fired the state director of human services.

"If you have a beef with me, bring it on -- I can take it," Granholm told DeVos in switching the topic during her answer to the first question, which was about Michigan's economy.

"Use my name but let's leave the name of deceased children out of it."

DeVos did not respond to Granholm's criticism, restricting his answer to the same question to economic issues.

Granholm brought up Amway Guy's Bermuda tax evasion (bing!) and he was at a loss to give it an answer, again. She slammed him on healthcare (bing, bing!) and on his refusal to give a replacement for the $1.9 Billion he wants to remove from the SBT (bing, bing, bing!).
Of course, Tricky Dick didn't 'disappoint' either, he did the Doom, Gloom, and Blame Two-Step just as well as he had the previous 2 debates, and was flawless on the Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge Avoidance Jig (anyone catch the reference?). Yes, sirree, Dick did not 'disappoint'. You couldn't get an answer, a plan, nothing. Just how sad he was.

I liked the live audience, it's about damn time. Where we they the first 2 debates? Dick made it clear (AGAIN) he just can't pull-off impromptu stuff, and Jen, well, I said it before, and I'll say it again - completely reminiscent of FDR's Fireside Chats. When she spoke to that mother of 3/small business owner from down-river, I literally got chills. She called her by her name, asked about her business, her kids ages, and then talked to her woman-to-woman. I hope every undecided female in the state saw that. She was incredible.

Thanks to Matt at MichLib, I'm going to share with you her closing statement just in case you weren't already impressed. I'm going to end with it because, well, I don't think I could say anything more, it's that incredible.
"I'm somebody who has fought for you - for all citizens - and he is somebody who has stood on the other side of the things that I have fought for.

I fought to create jobs here and diversify our economy in Michigan. He's eliminated 1,400 jobs in Michigan when he was CEO of Amway.

I fought the policies of outsourcing and unfair trade of George Bush. He's George Bush' of their biggest backers and has supported those unfair trade policies that have hurt us.

I went to Asia to bring home 22 companies, 1,000 jobs and $200 million in investment. He went to Asia, and invested $200 million to create thousands of jobs there.

I'm somebody who strongly believes that a woman should have the right to choose. My opponent strongly believes that that right should be - that she would be criminalized - a criminal - if she chose that right even in the case of rape or incest.

I support embryonic stem cell research. He opposes it.

I support public education. He led the voucher movement to take money away from public education.

I'm somebody who believes in health care for all. His health care plan is "get a job."

I'm somebody who believes...I will not gut public safety in order to fund business tax cuts. He incorporated his subsidiaries in Bermuda to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

There are vast differences, but I'm going to fight for YOU and for opportunity for all.

We may not all have gotten here on the same boat, but we're in rocky seas...and we're all in the same boat now. My opponent is an expert yachtsman. And, I believe that his philosophy - is each man for himself. But I am the captain of this ship of state...and I will bring us ALL into port. My philosophy is "all hands on deck."

I ask for your vote on November 7.

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