Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #23

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And now onto an issue that's very near and dear to my heart - education. Part of what makes Michigan so great is our incredible educational system, whether it be K-12 or college and beyond. The product of public schools, this girl knows that Michigan can be proud of our schools, our teachers, and our legislators who make sure it says so great. That's why Amway Guy is so dangerous to us.
Just Say NO to Dick because...
23. Amway Guy and his wife Betsy(Prince)DeVos have donated over $7 Million in the last 7 years to organizations seeking to promote public vouchers for private and parochial schools that would undermine the state's educational system. Since 1999, the DeVos-Prince family has donated $7,066,000 to 3 PAC's (political action committees) to their signature issue - 'education choice' - publicly funded vouchers for private and parochial schools, tax credits for private and parochial school tuition and charter schools. If you're still not convinced that this isn't a so-called special interest you might change your mind after reading that members of the Walton Family (yes, that'd be the family behind Wal-Mart) were also extremely large contributors in each of the 3 PAC's. Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

Just Say YES to Jen because...

23. Due to the Governor's initiative, K-12 Funding is at an all-time high in Michigan. Due to the Governor's initiative, state funding for K-12 public education is at an all-time high of $6,875 per pupil, and she is proposing an additional increase in her 2007 budget to bring per-pupil funding to $7,075. *In addition, the Governor has called for additional funding that would pay for 8,000 additional pre-school students. (Detroit Free Press 2/8/06)


Michael C. said...

Reason #1 No to Jen and Yes to Dick
Governor states she is catholic yet proudly supports the Pro-Choice movement. I am catholic and find it appalling that she utters the words "pro-choice" out of the same mouth that receives the Holy Eucharist. You may call yourself governor but please don't denigrate my faith by claiming to be catholic.

Sarah said...

Michael, Ms. Granholm knows the difference between private faith and public policy. Her faith is not the issue when it comes to re-election. If you are going to judge her on such a narrow base, I suggest you open up your horizons before casting your vote.

Valkyrie said...

It bothers me when someone bases a vote directly and solely on one issue, whether it be abortion, tax cuts, or the environment. Micheal C. seems to want to base his entire argument on something that the bible is silent on. While it says murder is a sin, it makes no mention of abortion. The new testament is all about helping the poor and others that are less fortunate than you. It certainly does not advocate someone holding themselves above others because they don't believe the same things.

Look to the governor to make tough choices and to keep the balance scales even. Dick DeVos wants to cut taxes which means he'll have to dig a debt, possibly higher than the last Republican governor left to Ms. Granholm. From a book standpoint, the governor has done a great job of getting a financial house in order, even though it seems we are starting back at square one (no fault of Ms. Granholm). Now we need to move forward for the benefit of all people, not simply for the rich, the powerful, and the foolhearty of the state.

Sarah C said...

If Devos wasn't tripping over his own words when asked questions in the debates, maybe I would halfway consider what he is saying (or trying to). Lets face it- if the man can't even answer a straight forward question how the heck is he going to find the answer to save Michigan? Vote Granholm!

Jen said...

Hey you good Catholic Michael C.-

Sarah's comment to you is completely right on.

DeVos has now turned his TV campaign to his daughters-if that isn't a perversion of family values, I dont know what is. Granholm has NEVER used her family because she doesn't need to. She's a smart, articulate woman. Every answer out of DeVos? "The governor has done nothing in 4 years". Really? That's not what I have read. Yes, jobs have been lost, but when your undiversified economy rests on the shoulders of the Big Threee-and their butts are kicked by Japenese automakers-what is she supposed to do about that? So, DeVos, what kind of car do you drive? WE NEED to diversive the economy-manufacturing IS NOT where Michigan needs to go. Education will only get the state to keep and attract corporations-but, ask DeVos what he thinks of the Kalamazoo Promise. He'll tell you that because someone is getting a free education, they won't appreciate it. Right. How about that CEO position you were given-with a Bachelor's degree from TimBuckToo University.

WHY WOULD ANYONE in this state want to vote for a billionaire (via SCAMway)?!

Remember, if you want health care-get a job. AND>>what DeVos said about the state law concerning abortion is correct-Roe v. Wade is a federal overruling state. So, since the state law makes it illegal..he actually answered a question on his own merit.

c keith said...

Up until today the abortion issue has been a subtext, back burner issue. Unfortunately, Ms. Granholm's latest ad has drug it out front. While I think Ms Granholm may be the more effective candidtate, this issue puts her out of reach for my vote.

Every person under a goverments influence deserves equal protection of basic human rights. Personal choice does not justify slavery, discrination in the work place, sexual harasment, or the silencing of a human heart.

I will now have to actively oppose Ms. Granholm. History will look on our time much as we look back at the tyrannies of the past. Sometimes one issue needs to be singled out. The nation needed to end slavery and Jim Crow. We need basic universal health care, a good economy that benefits all, an equatible immigration policy, and low-cost-high-quality higher education. But if the government will deny protection of the most vulnerable of the right to live, why should it be trusted to protect the next group? In the end it will only matter where on the foodchain, or powerchain, you fall that determines if you get what you need.

The opponent to Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery on a personal level, but thought states had the right to decide for themselves.

Anonymous said...

To the religiously zealous voters...
Christianity teaches to love thy neighbor, to be stewards of the earth, to turn the other cheek and don't get me started on the beatitudes which are conviently absent from the policies of republican candidates and their subordinates. I find a great hypocrisy in the notion that abortion
is the great "jihad" you wish to embark upon. Where are you and your republican counterparts when it comes to the poor, those in jail, kids in foster homes, the single mother with too many mouths to feed? I hear from these mouths that also recieve the holy eucharist; "Get a job", "Or that those in such positions deserve their fate..." Is it then to be assumed that as long as their
are no abortions, it is entirely appropriate to destroy the welfare system, underfund public education,
give tax cuts to businesses that already have nearly the lowest in all 50 states, cut funding for medicare and medicaid, privatize social security allowing the free market to decide whether grandma lives in her home or dies in the street because the republicans saved a few extra dollars to be funnelled into Mark Foley's defense
fund? I assume the answer to be rhetorical. No, anyone that decides
that abortion of all things is the biggest issue when it comes to their voting is either independently wealthy and living on
a deserted island or completely oblivious to the world they wish to
leave to their children. Finally on
that note; a question to anyone opposing abortion and claiming to be pro-life. "How many children have you adopted?" It is my belief that if you're pro-life and encouraging adoption that you should do no less. Otherwise you cease to be christians and become hypocrites.