Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #20

What is the one issue Michiganians are looking at harder than any other this election season? Jobs. For many, it's the only issue.
Tricky Dick has said a lot about his Amway 'business experience' and how he should be 'hired' because of it. However, Michigan voters aren't stupid, they want the facts behind all his rhetoric.
Michigan's citizens deserve to know that they have a job, and that there's someone out there fighting like hell to bring even more to Michigan.

Just Say NO to Dick because...

20. Dick DeVos failed his own company, Amway(Alticor). During his eight years as CEO of Amway, the company suffered the biggest decline in revenue in nearly a decade, dropping from $7 billion to $4.5 billion, a 36% decrease. (Alticor Inc. / Detroit News, June 24, 2006)

Just Say YES to Jen because...
20. Governor Granholm has fought successfully for new jobs for Michigan since day one.
Governor Jennifer Granholm is executing a plan and it'’s paying off for Michigan workers.

  • Internet giant Google's recent announcement they were opening a headquarters for their new AdWords division in Ann Arbor, creating 1,000 new jobs (Detroit Free Press, July 10, 2006)
  • Kellogg moving their U.S. Snacks division from Illinois to Michigan, creating an additional 650 jobs in Battle Creek and Wyoming (Battle Creek Enquirer, May 19 2004)
  • Whirlpool'’s announcement they are consolidating their administrative operation in Michigan, creating more than 400 jobs in Benton Harbor (News Release, Whirlpool Corporation, May 10, 2006)
  • United Solar Ovonic, an alternative energy company, building manufacturing plants in Greenville (The Greenville Daily News, September 9, 2006)
  • Advanced Photonix, a California-based technology company, moving their offices to Ann Arbor (Detroit Free Press, March 7, 2006)
  • Hemlock Semiconductor'’s expansion in Saginaw (WJRT-TV, November 16, 2005)
  • American Axle choosing Detroit over Mexico (The Lapeer County Press, September 8, 2006)
  • In the last nine months, nine ethanol and biodiesel plants have opened, broken ground or been announced. (Press Release, Office of the Governor, September 14, 2006)

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Bill P said...

Dear Lucy,
Please note points below in regards to "NO" to Dick and "YES" to Jen
"NO" to Dick
Why don’t I think that Dick DeVos would make a good Governor for Michigan???
He simply can’t be trusted to even come close to telling the truth.
Let me count the ways in which he has failed to be transparent and truthful.
First, let’s look at his supposed “business experience”. He was appointed (or a better term would be annointed) to his position by his father in a closely held family business. If as his ads claimed he “turned it around” the fact that the business needed to be turned around might very well be because of poor policy decisions on the part of fellow family members. What did he do that was innovative or demonstrated leadership qualities other than “be the bosses son”? Ideas such as tax cuts and public private partnerships are not new ideas at all and are issues that Governor Granholm has been working on but nobody can wave a magic wand and suddenly change everything.
Second, Mr. DeVos has consistently demonstrated in the course of doing business that when confronted with a critical decision to save Michigan jobs or outsource that he will go with the bottom line and outsource jobs rather than work something out.
Third, he has touted every tax cut that you can imagine but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of financing the State of Michigan he has failed to exercise fiscal responsibility. Promising tax cuts is sure to get voter attention but there is a great distance between promising and actually delivering a tax cut. State finances are not so simple. Take the SBT for example. A difficult tax that Governors and Legislators alike have been trying to eliminate for years. The real problem is that you just can’t eliminate a tax (and billions in revenue) without coming up with a replacement. (Even Mr. DeVos has admitted this!!!) Eliminating a major source of State revenue without creating a viable replacement is simply not sound fiscal policy because total expected State revenue directly effects the level of service as well as the amount of money that the State pays to borrow money. So, if you significantly decrease expected State revenue without providing a replacement it negatively effects quality of service and costs more for the State to borrow money. And borrowing money is a major factor in financing State operations.
Fourth, Mr. DeVos has asked for transparency in personal finances from the Governor but has consistently failed when asked to be up front about his own personal finances. Does he have something to hide???
Fifth and lastly while there is nothing wrong with being wealthy the fact that Mr. DeVos can spend millions of his own money and suddenly be in “a dead heat with Governor Granholm” makes me think that whoever spends the most money will get elected but that merely because you spend the most money you are not necessarily the best candidate. It smacks of buying support and while that influence can never be eliminated I don’t think that it is good to make it so blatant. And there is the question of whether or not such a wealthy individual such as Mr. DeVos can really relate to the average Michigan voter who is middle class and blue collar.
"YES" to Jen
Here are some of the Governor's accomplishments: Created and encouraged the “Cool Cities” program to promote Michigan Cities as places to visit and live

Directed all State agencies to “Buy Michigan” at least 90% of the time.

Worked with Toyota and Google to bring over 1500 high tech jobs to Michigan

Created the 21st Century Jobs Fund to promote small business loans, venture capital and “competitive edge” technologies in Michigan. At present over 500 businesses are seeking funds to operate and expand business in Michigan in the areas of life sciences, alternative energy, cutting edge manufacturing and homeland security.

In 2003 the Governor by using the power of her office streamlined State government by eliminating a number of Commissions, Task Forces and Work Groups and reorganizing a number of State Departments leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Received a grade of “B+” for management skills from Governance Magazine and the Pew Foundation

Worked with The City of Detroit, General Motors and Wayne County to help develop the Detroit Riverfront helping to create jobs and promote tourism in Michigan.

Worked to establish and improve test standards and teaching benchmarks in Michigan public schools to improve the quality of education for Michigan children.

Managed to eliminate and control a massive deficit left by her Republican predecessor and has worked to exercise fiscal responsibility and budget constraints while attempting to keep services at reasonable levels.

Worked with Wayne County and The City of Detroit to keep Detroit Medical Center open saving thousands of jobs and critical health care options. The hospital system in part due to the Governor’s efforts is showing a modest profit after years of losses.
I think that's more than enough reason to reelect Governor Granholm!!!