Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stabenow v. Bouchard Debate - Part Two

7Q - What values drive your public policy descions.

Mikey - my family, there are economic issues, we're the worst state in the country. Single state recession - if we continue - my daughter will leave the state along with all the other kids who've left. I'm endorsed by every major employer in the state. We need to change direction.

Debbie - More Washington speak, I'm afraid. Very active in the church - very important to me, always has been. Love my parents, wonderful family. Values of honesty, ethics, family, and to a point where we are in a fight for the way of our life. I can't believe Mikey sits on insurance board that outsources to china, india, etc. He gets paid $60K for doing so. They help others outsource as well.

8Q - Any limit on time, soliders, involvement in Iraq.

Debbie - Most challenging situation. It's our job to give them everything they need. I've been to Iraq, met with Ministers - we are not there for ever, the iraqis need to shore up so our ppl can step back. We're doing excellent training of their ppl.

Mikey - We need to do everything we can to bring more stable and safe situation there. We can't leave it in a vaccum. I can't let go of absolute untruth of company that's involved in outsourcing. She's taken contributions from them. Truth in reality has taken vacation in the Stabenow campaign. She voted against marriage defense.

9Q - Medicare Tax - 1.45 % for individuals. Would you support higher tax rate for any income above $100K?

Mikey - Is the service being provided cost effective? Are the needs being adequately met? Can we do it in a better manner? As sheriff - we have to feed inmates - we need to deliver services to inmates - saved $1.6M to taxpayers by going outside to businesses.

Debbie - No, I would not support raising tax. He didn't answer the question. He sits on board - does recieve $60K - says on their website they do help outsource. Medicare - another great Am. success story. He supports Bush Admin' views of changing - I don't. I want to see Medicare Drug Coverage ---I'm leading the effort now to pass real medicare coverage bill.

10Q - NAFTA has lost us jobs? Should trade agreements end and enter into new ones?

Debbie - Yes. I supported tax cuts for businesses here to keep jobs here. We need to create a race to the top.

mikey - Truth from vacation reality on business outsourcing. She's voted for MFN status for China - but complains about China and Bush. She's not a leader - go to - she got rated 95th out of 99. She's lacking in leadership.

11Q - Do you believe in global warming from humans and should it drive our policies?

Mikey - Yes, there's conflicting reports. We could be in a position to lead away from fossil fuels. Comprehensive energy package - she filibustered. We need someone who will lead on that - she hasn't really. Only one bill authored to rename fed. bldg. I wrote legislation to close incinerators while in state Senate.

Debbie - Global Warming is real and I'm focused on solving it. 19 provisions I authored, many bi-partisan. Global Warm. too important for partisan politics. I supported energy bill from 2 years ago - created real energy boom in MI. We have strong agriculture, and ability to tell world to buy fuel here in MI instead of Middle East.

12Q - Canadian Trash - only covers residential trash, why? What's wrong with bringing trash in?

Debbie- We don't want to be the trash dump for Canada and other states. Washington wouldn't act - the President could stop the trash, but he won't. I support acting. The reality is when I came up with strategy, we got Canadians attention - we've stopped 20% of residential trash, 40% next year, and so on. I'm very proud.

Mikey -She's been talking trash for almost a decade. When you talk trash, you distract from reality. Her deal with was with one guy in Canada. Michigan legislature signed bill to tell DC to stop it. She's the only person who hasn't gotten her job done - no results. Send me there, i'll get results.

12Q - Polls indicate universal healthcare coverage - do you support?
Debbie - needs to be a right, not a privilege. I've been laser focused on working with auto industry to more adequately and effectively to lower costs of perscription drugs. I've worked bi-partisan to allow you to bring perscription drugs back from canada legally. If we could get Bush to meet with auto industry - that's one of the big things they want to speak about.

Mikey - Bush came in and did call auto industry to talk - but that's a DC problem. She's a nice person. but its time for us to go into a new direction. I do not support universal healthcare that the govt runs. But we can and should do many things - tort reform,

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quaker21 said...

It's nice that the "disappointing leadership" meme could be copied onto Bouchard's "agenda" as well.

Sounds more blobbidy-blah doom and gloom than anything else.