Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stabenow v. Bouchard Debate - Part One

1st question for Mikey -

Do you support pre-emptive war?

I believe we need to take care of any threat if we have actual intelligence, yes we need to protect the US. My opponent has failed to protect America, she voted against missile defense. We somone who will stand up to the plate. I've been in Law Enforcement in 20 years = protection most important job of govt. She's not done it.

Debbie - I supported every defense budget and everything we need to do to protect our families. My opponent didnt answer the question -- which was about Iraq. I didn't vote to go to Iraq because it was a war choice not a nessecity. I've been to Iraq - they are brave soliders who deserve more than a slogan - they need a strategy.

2nd Question - What is it going to take to get the Big 3 Automakers going again?

Debbie - We need a president who's going to sit down with the automakers. This president can't come up with 30 mins to sit down with them. We've got to get healthcare costs off the back of business. We've got to protect pensions, and race like crazy for innovention. We make and grow things in America = that's what its going to take. We've got to fight for those jobs here.

Mikey - she says one thing and does another here. She's a 18% rating from the Manufacturers Assocation, I won't vote to raise taxes, or cut jobs. I'm a small business owner. We need someone who gets it and does results.

3rd Question - What's the balance between civil rights and homeland security and how are we doing balancing?

Mikey - We need to keep our state safe. We can't give up basic rights to stay safe. I have very big differences than her. I'm a member of the joint terrorism task force with the FBI - what can I do personally to mitigate and respond to the need. There's a list of things that they need to do and fix.

Debbie - I'm a member of the Banking Commt that tracks money of terrorists - there is a critical balance between what it takes to stay and safe and keep our rights. I'm proud of having the Detroit Regional Chamber's endorsement because of protecting businesses in Michigan. I'm championing an effort with Rep. colleague to protect middle class way of life.

4 Question - Do you agree we will face another terrorist attack?
Debbie - we need to push and pass 9/11 report. I've lead the effort to fight for those things that allow our firefighters and police what they need to do their job and keep us safe. We have tripled the # of border security. I've brought in dollars for sheriffs across the state, including Mikey.

Mikey - More talk vs. reality in Washington. I sit on commt. that represents law enforcement - she's never visited. we need someone who understands security. $$ has turned into pork barrel spending. They are well intentioned, but no results. If you don't fix a problem - ppl die.

5 Q - Social Security - would you support taxing amounts above $94K to shore it up?

Mikey - She voted to give SS to illegal immigrants. we need to fix that situation. There are men and women at home who are worried about having their benefits. Committing idenity theft is fundamentally wrong. I will stop that. That's what MI needs. Less of partisan wrangling, filibusters and we need results.

Debbie - SS is NOT given to illegals, and I didn't vote for it. I believe SS is a great Amer. success story. He supports privitization of SS. I was proud to lead stop privitization. We need to put more $ into that system. I want to keep the security in SS. My opponent sent me a thank you note for $$ that he recieved as a result of my votes.

6 Q - Mudslinging - Praise one thing about your opponent.

Debbie - it's so important we focus on issues, not personalities. I believe we need to keep our middle class and our way of life. I was pleased to work with him to bring in Homeland Security$$ -- I congratulate him as a mom of his daughter for the work she did in that ad.

Mikey - Kids are most important. Thanks Debbie - that's why I ran - issues not solved and addressed. She's committed to making better state and world, but we need results. Fighting doesn't = results. Tigers were good last year, but we changed personnel and now got results. We need more.

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