Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #13

Public Health - it's an important role of the state government.
With services such as
  • School Lunch programs
  • Parenting Tools and Resources
  • Senior Citizen's Services
  • Disability Services (Commission for the Blind)
  • Health and Nutrition programs
  • WIC (Women, Infants, Children)
Public Health Services are used by virtually all of Michigan's citizens at one point or another in our lives. Black, white, young, old, straight or gay, there's something for all of us.
Of course, if you're Amway Guy, chances are you can just buy whatever you need to stay healthy instead of relying on the State.
So it comes as no surprise that Tricky Dick thinks Michigan needs to cut those programs that so many have come to depend on.

Just Say NO to Dick because...
13. Dick DeVos is going to cut public health services. If elected, Slick Dick has made it clear that he will cut necessary public programs such as the Office of Michigan's Surgeon General. (Detroit Free Press 6/08/06)

Just Say YES to Jen because...

13. Governor Granholm has helped create top-notch public health programs that work for Michigan's citizens. Jennifer Granholm appointed the state's first Surgeon General and launched a plan - Prescription for a Healthier Michigan - to help make Michigan citizens healthier. To date, many Michigan citizens have accessed the Michigan Steps Up website, creating more than 16,000 personal health plans and more than 1,700 health risk appraisals.


Kathy said...

Ah, yes...DeVos is the embodiment of "compassionate" conservatism.

Translation: I was born into wealth and will never want for anything. It's not my problem you weren't as fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Truly though - what good is the Surgeon General to me?

And enough of this class envy. He's wealthy. We all get it. I don't care what's in his pocket -- I care what's in MINE.

LiberalLucy said...

Thanks Anon - you make a good point, and a lot of people are tired about hearing how rich he is, compared to the rest of us. However, that's not the point.
The point is that Dick DeVos silver-spoon lifestyle from the minute he was born has made him unable to connect with the majority of Michigan, those of us who he's counting on to get him elected.
His economic plans don't make sense to the middle-class and what plans he has revealed (which are few and far between, but that's a whole different point) don't add up.

As far as the office of the Surgeon General, it has a lot to do with you and everyone else who pays taxes and insurance co-pays and lives in Michigan. Just with the Federal Surgeon General, it's about having someone working on a specific healthcare agenda. More importantly, the SG focuses primairly on preventitive medicine, that which will help to keep people healthy and out of hospitals, which leads to decreased cost on the taxpayers, and lower takes and insurance premimums.