Monday, October 16, 2006

Tonight!! Watch the 3rd and Final Gubernatorial Debate Live!

Tonight at 8pm, Amway Guy and the Lady Gov will square off for their 3rd and final appearance. Wondering where to watch? Matt at MichiganLiberal was kind enough to make it easy for all of us. Check out that list here.
Also, many thanks to MichLib's Quaker21 for pointing out that if you live in Battle Creek or out of state, you can catch a streaming video of the debate live here.

As for me? Well, forget Samantha Bee, this roving correspondent will be watching it live here at LLP HQ and providing an in-depth and very unofficial analysis. Come back later tonight and check out what I have to say.

p.s. Look for an exciting announcement tomorrow about my next correspondent duties...I'll be back in familar territory. Care to guess where???


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