Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stabenow v. Bouchard - Part Four

Q - Who's fault is it if a child doesn't get good education?

M - We need to bring community together. Math and science need to be more effective. No Child Left Behind - won't support.

D - Education policy is economic policy. We all need to be involved. Major area of difference, I oppose bush policy - he stands with him. $12B were cut from college student loans. Standing up and fighting it.

Closing Statements -

D - Thank you for being here. Born and raised here. What's happening to us is personal. Going to fight for middle class - clear difference. My effort to turn things around. I'm proud to offer tax cut for job creation. I helped bring in 61K new jobs. We need strategy that works for us. We need to say we're going to compete with other countries. Someone who stands with Bush and failed policies or someone who stands up and fights for you and your family. I'm proud to fight.

M - Thank you to Debbie for your service. Love to have more debates with you! Thanks to wife and kids, WGVU, blah blah blah. Tonight the ppl of MI have chance to compare my results vs. her rhetoric. We need to keep borders safe, homeland security. Nice person, but no results. She's only authored one bill. I created jobs, balanced budgets in state senate. Protected families. She wants to allow benefits for illegal immigrants. I will get you results. I can't do it alone - I ask for your vote.

The End

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