Monday, October 23, 2006

Dick DeVos - Too Far Right for Even His Own Party

Polarization of the Michigan Republican Party is sending thousands of Michiganians running...directly into the arms of Jennifer Granholm, thanks to Republicans for Granholm.

They are a 1,500 member strong political action committee (PAC) formed by long-time Republican, Gil Ziegler, a Livonia businessman. Their website was expecting to hit 100,000 visits by this past weekend.
They've been profiled in the Detroit Free Press, the Observer and Eccentric, the U.P.'s MiningGazette, but you won't find a mention of them in the Detroit News, but then again, who's really surprised?

Other than the obvious reasons why this group is Loud and Proud on their own supporting our Lady Gov, here's a bit from their website...
We are a group of like-minded progressive Republicans and will continue to support the Republican party. But after careful and thoughtful consideration, we have concluded that the best course for our State of Michigan is to re-elect Governor Granholm. This was a hard decision and we’re going to disappoint some people in the Republican party. But, those are the extremists in the party who want to block stem-cell research and who turned out of office a good man like Congressman Joe Schwarz (MI-R7).

They support Granholm's stance on
  • 21st Century Jobs Plan
  • Education Funding (they don't have anything to say about Dick and Betsy's school voucher plan, but it's fun to read!)
    What about school vouchers?
    Schools…. That’s right, hey, didn’t Dick and Betsy DeVos pretty much single-handedly fund the disastrous school voucher campaign of 2000 and did so without the support of most Republicans, including Governor Engler. Yes!
  • Taxes and State Spending
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Abortion
Props must also go to the group for their sense of witty humor on Tricky Dick's business experience, Amway.
Take our THREE FRIENDS CHALLENGE. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7. We cannot begin to emphasize how important every single vote will be! You can make the difference! Now, we urge you to recruit three new members to our team.

Normally, we'd blame the MRP's polarization just by shouting "That's Saul, folks!" in honor of their extreme-right mouthpiece, but this definitely can be blamed on a nasty Dick, served with a dish of ice-cold Betsy. A heartfelt thanks to the DeVos family and their billions for scaring their own base into the open-arms of the Granholm/Cherry Team.

The great thing about Liberals - we don't care who you share a bed with, where your ancestors hail from, or how many zeros are on your paycheck, and we really don't care what you call yourself...just as long as what you do, you do it for MI, and not for just me.


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