Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #21

Healthcare coverage is extremely important to everyone all across Michigan. Medical bills are now the leading cause of bankruptcy in the country, according to a Harvard study. Dr. David Himmelstein, the lead author of the study and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard commented: "Unless you're Bill Gates you're just one serious illness away from bankruptcy. Most of the medically bankrupt were average Americans who happened to get sick." In Michigan, working class families need to have healthcare coverage.

Just Say NO to Dick because...
21. Dick DeVos thinks Michiganians should just get a job if they want healthcare coverage. Tricky Dick actually said "The best way to make sure the uninsured get health care coverage is to help them get a job..." (Associated Press 5/17/06)
Doctor's disagree. "When it comes to curing MichiganĂ‚’s health-care ills, Republican candidate
Dick DeVos has the wrong prescription. The model of employment being the only model of health-care insurance is really not working right now"” That'’s the diagnosis of Dr. Paul Farr, a Grand Rapids gastroenterologist and president of the Michigan State Medical Society. (Grand Rapids Press, 5/21/06)

Just Say YES to Jen because...

21. Governor Granholm is making sure no Michigan citizen goes without healthcare coverage. Jennifer Granholm introduced the Michigan First Healthcare Plan which would provide health insurance to over half the state's uninsured population, or up to 500,000 Michigan citizens. (Michigan Poverty Law Center, 2006) Overall, the Plan would provide access to affordable insurance coverage through a partnership with the health care industry and business community.

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