Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stabenow v. Bouchard - Who Won?

(*Mosey over to Christine Barry's play-by-play and give her some props for blogging for the traditionally conservative Detroit News)

So the Republicans are already calling a victory for Bouchard...Saul, Terry Lynn Land and Hoogendyke.

What say you?

My back and neck is killing me-- and I'm gonna make the short trip home. See you back here in a few, and thanks for stopping by.

Be sure to check out #22 of Reasons Just to Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen tomorrow! :-D



Nirmal said...

Boring debate, all the answers we've expected. It won't change a thing.

Fortunately, that's good for us and Stabenow!

Cordelia Lear said...

They would have said Mikey won even if he drolled all over himself.

Pay no attention.

Cathleen said...

I just can't take Bouchard seriously- he's a Pub cut out of the cloth of the Pubs that are already there. To blame Stabenow for anything that is going on in Washington is absurd- therefore he loses all credibility in my eyes.

I think Debbie did a good job, and I believe her when she says that she will fight for the middle class and fight Bush policies that hurt the average person.

I noticed they both used a lot of the same phrases that are being used in the Governor's race- makes me think there is some master list out there for Pubs/Dems to modify for their own state/situation.

Good job Lucy- I haven't read it all yet, but I'm sure you did great.

Christine said...

I noticed the "there you go again" comment. So far, only Ronald Reagan has wielded it effectively.

I just don't believe a word Bouch says. Then when he said "she voted against DOMA and voted against English as the official language", I knew he was just cut from the same cloth as the rest of the pugs. Neither of those laws is necessary. Talk about wasteful spending.

He doesn't mind wasting money as long as the money is spent on legislating values and language.

nice job, LL.

quaker21 said...


Word. Everything is a "win!" so long as they show up to the debate.

Like I said: doubt if the debate matters much, if at all, anyway. When it's on PBS on a Sunday night, well...

Props to Lucy for typing all of this up! Answers I expected, with a little bit of "disappointment" from the Republican. I was, naturally, shocked out of my chest cavity for that masterful debate point.