Thursday, October 26, 2006

Politics + Cooking = Democracy Cookies!!!

Overall, I'm a pretty light-hearted person. I'm a wise bird for my age, but only because of life's tribulations and trials that I've had my fair share of. One thing is for sure - life is too short and too precious to be taken too seriously.
Exception to that rule is two things - 1) my personal civic duty and 2) my cooking.
Sounds like an odd combination, but I love my politics and I love my cooking. So far, most of my friends and family would agree on both of those, but they are especially big fans of the latter.
What could be more perfect than finding a combination of the two? Or, even better - find a way to promote Democracy right here at home?

Well, I think I have.Introducing Liberal Lucy's Democracy Cookies!!! Tested and approved for Democracy Goodness by MichLib's very own Matt and lpackard.

That's right, homemade sugar cookies, made with tender loving care and fueled by a passion for promoting civic duty among all of Michigan's citizens and sprinkled with a little patriotic pride!

Here's how they work. My friends and co-workers have been alerted that if they show up with an "I Voted" Sticker on November 7th (or promise they filled out an absentee ballot) they get some Democracy Cookies. This is not a bribe, and I'm not asking people to vote for any particular candidate or any particular way on a ballot/millage proposal. This is just a way of saying how much I appreciate people participating in the democracy process by voting, period.

So, the kitchen is stocked, the oven's piping hot, and I'm ready to bake. Who's ready to vote?

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Rose said...

Wow I wish I knew about this...and I wish I lived closer. You'll have to make some when I visit again.