Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Countdown is on!!!

Well here we are - entering the Top Ten!! Fifteen days ago when I started the series, I prayed I could make it to #20 (I'm a bit guilty of being the eternal optimist!).

I've never fought so hard in my life for a candidate, but Jennifer Granholm is an incredible woman, and an equally incredible leader. So much to respect in the hard work she's put in these past four years, I could only wish that our country had more leaders like her. There's no doubt in my mind that Michigan will become a very dangerous place to live should Dick DeVos be put into office come January.

If you believe in our great state, the incredible human capital and the potential for our state, then do yourself, your family and friends a favor - encourage everyone to vote for Gov. Granholm on November 7th. And to put in a shameless plug, perhaps you should print off/email the entire 25 Reasons Why to Just Say NO to DICK and YES to JEN to everyone. :-)

As you head to the polls on the 7th, remember my mantra - "It's about what's best for MI, not just me."


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