Tuesday, October 17, 2006

LLP gets 1st Blogging 'Award' from the Lansing State Journal

Yowsers! Who'd a thunk it?

LLP is extremely honored to be named by the Lansing State Journal's Election Blog as one of their Three Favorite Liberal Election Blogs. An even greater honor, to be named in that group with 2 of my favorite fellow bloggers...

In Michigan this year, a whole array of blogs have either sprung up or had their site traffic explode as more and more folks turn to the web for analysis and talking points. So where to go, if you're feeling the need for blogs? Well, here are a few of my favorites:

On the Left:
Michigan Liberal - Matt Ferguson started the granddaddy of Michigan political blogs after his narrow defeat in the 8th District Democratic Primary. Think DailyKos, but local.
The Disembodied Head of Dick DeVos - No explanation needed.
Liberal, Loud and Proud - One of the newest, one of the best.

Yippee!!!! :-) :-) :-) <--grinning for you non-blogging types.

We won't mention the 3 on the other side of the fence, but er, ah, in all good spirits, congrats to them.



Anonymous said...

Congrats -- I added you to my daily Required Reading last week -- keep up the good work and THANKS.

Cathleen said...

Congrats Lucy!!!


Old Dood said...


Say by the way on michLib I clicked on your name....it brought up your "info". Then I clicked on your LLP with in that info and it sent me to a Bible college site.

Weird...Just thought I would pass that on. To make sure you are not getting high-jacked from some Evil Neo-Con...

Now it worked correctly when I found you in a comment on MichLib. This only happened in your personal info page.

LiberalLucy said...

Thanks guys, always appreciate a little love ---hope to continue to make you proud!! :-)