Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Say No!

It must be closing in on election day. I'm busier, the posts are less frequent, and I'm sleep-deprived (more so than usual). Oy!

Seriously though, I've got some exciting things coming up, including a guest blogger who will have a regular feature here on LLP and yes, in exchange, I'll be doing the same thing on her blog.

But while you wait with eager anticipation, I thought I'd share a couple things of interest...

Bob Alexander (new website is just about ready) is running against Crooked Congresscritter Mike Rogers in the 8th Congressional District. Huzzah!

Bob ran in 2004, and this time he's pulling out the big guns working with a winning firm out of D.C. Expect to hear more about Bob on the Tubes (i.e. this post over at BFM) and if you still need convincing Mike Rogers needs to go - stop by Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

I keep hearing rumors that Hilary supporters are actually considering voting for McCain vs. Barack Obama. Oy indeed!

If you or someone you know is actually considering voting for a Republican this fall, or if you just want a good laugh that will ring quite true, do yourself and them a favor by watching this and passing it along.