Friday, October 13, 2006

25 Reasons to Just Say NO to Dick

Check the other 25 Reasons Why here...and keep checking back everyday between now and the election! And don't forget to vote!

25 Days -- that's all we have left till Amway Guy's gone and Michigan stays great with Jennifer Granholm at our helm.

One-a-Day LiberalLucy Style
For each of the 25 remaining days, I'm going to share one fact of why Amway Guy is bad for Michigan. Ah, I hear your groans now - more mudslinging? Not quite.
Just like every great As-Seen-on-TV special offer, you get not one, but TWO reasons every day to go the polls on November 7th and cast your vote for the Lady Gov.
For every reason you get to vote NO DICK, you're going to get another reason why Governor Granholm is the hardest working, most compassionate and dedicated governor in the country. Lucky us, she's right here in Michigan! :-)

Drumroll please.........

Just Say NO to Dick because
25. While CEO of Amway, Dick DeVos saw to it that 1,400 Michigan workers lost their jobs.
"The Company restructured and pared down. DeVos eliminated 1,400 white collar positions in Michigan through attrition, early retirements and what DeVos called 'involuntary separations.'" (Grand Rapids Press 9/17/06)

Say YES to Jen because
25. Governor Granholm's 21st Century Job Fund has already helped 117,000 find new jobs. The 21st Century Job Fund is a $2 billion dollar investment into emerging job sectors. Over $109 million was invested this year alone. (Michigan Economic Development Center)
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