Friday, October 13, 2006


This girl's got a blog - watch out Michigan! I'm pleased as punch to be established and joining the ranks of some very well-respected Michigan Liberals...just hoping to do everyone proud.
So just another ranter? Not at all. LLP is about living what I believe, sharing/educating those who care, and being a proud citizen of an incredible state.
Michigan's got a lot going for it, and a lot of things trying to work against it. The potential for our great state is so large, so incredible, and all it needs is us - working for it. Why?
I am Michigan. Born, raised, educated all in our great state, I've scraped many a knee on our sidewalks, swam in all the Great Lakes, and biked our country roads. I've traveled the 23, 75, 94 and 96 along with the best of them. Cherries, pasties, honey, cheese, you name the delicacy, I've eaten and loved it. I root for the Wings, the Pistons, the Tigers and yes, even the Lions. If you want to know where I live, I'll hold up the 'mitten' and show you where on my hand, and the UP isn't just a direction where I'm from. My dad paid his dues in the military and our auto-industry, and my mom's educated more ripe minds than she'll ever know. I know how to say Gratiot, 8 Mile is more than just a movie title, and the Sleeping Bear is a great place to camp out. Michigan is my home, my pride, my joy, my energy, my inspiration, my quiet repose and the home of the greatest memories of my life. I am Michigan.
So if you haven't already figured it out - this blog is about how we become closer as a community, stronger as a state, and more invested as global players. You might hear a lot on elections, healthcare, education, the economy, and like any good liberal, I hug a tree or two. Regardless the topic, this blog is bigger than me or my dreams. It's about Michigan, and how we as a community realize our hopes and dreams into a reality for our great state.
So welcome, pull up a post, put down a comment, stretch your mind, but do it all for our great state, Michigan.


Cathleen said...

Congrats and welcome to the world of having your own blog! Now you too can be a slave to your computer!

Ha ha, we got ya now~

Nirmal said...

Congrats! :)

Christine said...

Hi LL, congratulations on your new blog! I've already added it to my faves. (no pressure) :-)

Cordelia Lear said...

I know your blog will be GREAT. And, I look forward to reading it everyday.

Keep up the wonderful work!

Thank you for the great reporting of Granholm vs. DeVos at the Detroit Economic Club on

Kathy said...

Welcome to the Michigan liberal blogging scene. I love everything you've written already and look forward to reading more.