Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good news for Granholm. Tricky Dick continues to slip


More good news from the Detroit Free Press, thanks to the ladies of Michigan. (Way to go, girls!)
A surge of support from women gave Gov. Jennifer Granholm a double-digit lead over Republican challenger Dick DeVos in a race for governor that's entered its final 48 hours.

Granholm's overall 54% to 41% lead is fueled by her 26 percentage-point margin among women, according to the Detroit Free Press-Local 4 Michigan Poll. DeVos has a 1 percentage-point margin among men.


The Free Press-Local 4 poll shows Granholm held a 17-point edge among independent voters, who likely will decide the outcome of the race. About 5% in the poll said they were undecided or will choose a minor party candidate.

Granholm had a 21-point lead in metro Detroit, which comprises almost half of the state's voters.

Alright guys and girls, are you listening?
The key to keeping Michigan on track and keep your government working for you is simple.

Go out and vote for Granholm!
(and the multitude of other progressive candidates in your district.)
That's it, so simple, one little act, takes mere minutes and yet can determine how good or bad this state is going to get in the next 4 years.
Why? (other than the obvious?)
"This is all about turnout," she said. "The way this could go for DeVos is voters in metro Detroit stay home and there's an exceptionally high turnout in the west part of the state."

But that's not the only interesting bit....

Besides showing Granholm with a firm lead, the poll suggests trouble for Republicans on Election Day.

Independent voters said they are more inclined to vote for Democrats than they had been in the past. Independent voters are the key to winning the governor's race and others where neither party has a big advantage.

Also, the poll shows a significantly higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans plan to vote straight ticket this year -- 56% to 47% -- which would benefit Democrats in their attempt to wrest control of the Michigan House and Senate from the Republicans.

National polls have shown Democrats have a good shot at capturing the U.S. House or Senate, and that the public's anxiety over the war in Iraq is weighing heavily against Republicans.

I have to be honest though, my favorite bit of this article once again show's how Amway is bringing the sheep to the polls.

Nicole Baker, 33, of Otsego is voting for DeVos. She said she voted for Granholm in 2002, even though she disagreed with her pro-choice stance on abortion.

But Baker said she's disappointed with Granholm because of the state's poor jobs climate.

"It's gotten worse in the last year. There was no way I was voting for her," Baker said, adding that she likes DeVos' views opposing abortion.

Baker said her husband, a mechanical engineer, could easily make more money in other states, but they're reluctant to leave their families in Michigan. She said her brother is an Amway distributor and speaks highly of DeVos.

:sigh: And you wonder why I dislike Amway so much?


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mensch71 said...

I can't decide if the Amway-ites are more like sheep (baaaaaaaaaaah!) or mutant zombies. I just wish they'd all drink the Kool-Aid and end it.