Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #5

SBT (Single Business Tax) - Everyone's talking about it.
It's an almost $1.9 Billion tax.
Dick says he's going to fix it when he's governor.
But let's back up and figure out exactly what Dick's definition of fixing actually is.
Last time I did math, fixing did not mean leaving the average citizen footing $5 Billion.
Since when is a $5 Billion tab better than $1.9 Billion?
Who's Dick fixing things for himself or the people of Michigan?

5. Dick DeVos' Turn Around Plan will cost Michigan taxpayers over 5 Billion dollars.
Tricky Dick is trying to pull another fast one on the people of Michigan. Using his figures here's the estimates of his so-called Turn Around Plan. (see below)

5. Governor Granholm is going to get rid of the SBT responsibly, without cutting vital programs.

Governor Granholm is the only candidate for Governor who has proposed a detailed plan to get rid of the Single Business Tax and replace it with the fair tax on businesses that will protect vital funding for health care, education, and public safety.

Granholm has said she favors eliminating the business tax, but only if it has a replacement as part of the deal. (Detroit News 6/11/06)

Some of the key points in her replacement plan include:

  • Encouraging Major Employers to Keep Jobs in MI.
  • Encourage Small Businesses to Grow, Attract Jobs of the Future.
  • Make Business Tax Structure More Fair
More from Amway Guy

The Michigan General Operating Budget is just over $9 Billion. (Office of the Budget)

Dick DeVos' Turn Around Plan will cost the people of Michigan $5.1 Billion. (Michigan Democratic Party, 7/06)

This calculation does not include Amway Guy's proposed cap on sales tax on gasoline. That number is estimated at an additional $285 Million. (Gongwers News Service 6/27/06)

What's more, DeVos is willing to steal from public education, police and fire just to make a tax cut.

The DeVos' plan, "would save drivers about $1 per fill-up, while wiping out an estimated $285 million that goes to public schools, local police and fire services and mass transit. Incredibly, DeVos reportedly called the revenue loss inconsequential." (
Detroit Free Press 5/14/06 editorial)

Dick wants to cut a tax that the State doesn't even collect on.

Treasury officials cited the same law (CL 211.9(j)) in noting that current law does exempt farm equipment from the personal property tax. (Gongwer 6/26/06)

Here's the proof -

DeVos’ Economic Agenda

What’s the Cost?

Revenue Cuts


Eliminate the Single Business Tax

$1.85 billion


Reduce tax on technology and equipment

$1.5 billion


Cut taxes on farm machinery and new technology

SOM doesn’t collect

Spending Increases


Increase K-12 funding

$635 million


Invest in merit pay for teachers

$205 million


Increase funding for higher education

$200 million


Loan forgiveness program

$195.5 million


Add more police officers

$150 million


Incentives for research and development

$140 million


Increase health care provider rates

$117.4 million


Increase technology in the classroom

$110 million


Increase road spending

$70 million


Increase electric transmission

$55 million


More funding for math and science classes

$34 million


Invest in technology in health care

$20 million


Increase funding for tourism

$15 million


Increase funding for environmental cleanup

$7.5 million


Expand dual enrollment

$5.6 million


Increase funding for agriculture marketing

$2.3 million


Increase funding for life sciences

$1.8 million

(source: MI Dems)

Dick's Turn Around Plan = Turn us all Broke Plan


Mensch71 said...

I think I love you. Great analysis! Let's hope someone other than the "choir" hears what we are singing about and changes their vote.

LiberalLucy said...

:-) Glad someone does, cause Dicky and his friends sure don't.
But thanks for the kudos. And yes, I'm not doing exhaustive research and staying up till the wee hours for my health! :-)
Only 4 more --- any requests? :-D