Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blog o' the Day - ChristineBarry

I'm not your typical blogger.
I never really much read blogs because my idea of a blog was just one more forum for people in their angst to rant and rave. I'm a busy girl, and personally, I've got a lot of better things to do than listen to other people rant. If I'm going to take time out of my day to read something, than I need to know that I'm going to walk away from it with something new that I've learned.
Since then I still don't read too many blogs regularly, but there are a few that I've found that are truly out to educate others (as is the point of LLP). Here's yet another stand-out in the massive sea of blogs.

Christine touts her blog as "The only blog focusing on the people & politics of Shiawassee County, Michigan", but it's so much more than that.

Christine manages to bring things to light in a witty and plain-spoken kind of way. I really think CB is one of those blogs that the non-politico could sit down and read and just get it. Something that I think Liberals/Progressives and the Democratic Party all need to do much better than the status quo.
Christine's incorporating all sorts of multi-media and new technologies into her blog. Don't let the vanilla look of the blog fool you. Just recently she managed to inspire and educate me by featuring a YouTube video of the singer Pink with a live performance of "Dear Mr. President". It's an incredible song that you need to experience yourself, but I think after a view, you'll be hooked. (It's currently on its 6th play today on my computer). What was even better, was the post was titled "Dear Mr. DeVos" and is aptly named for our fight here in Michigan.
Besides all that, Christine is a bit of a celebrity in the blogosphere. She's a regular contributor at the Detroit News Political Blog. She even went toe-to-toe with columnist George Bullard in all of his conservative glory over one of the Granholm/DeVos debates, and came out with the guns blazing. Read all of her DetNews posts here, and you'll see why she's such an inspiration.
So if you're looking for another way to educate yourself and add a little something to your day, be sure to stop on by

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Christine said...

Wow, that's awesome, thanks! But I think you've had the blog of the day, every day, since you started your No to Dick and Yes to Jen (yeah Jen!!) ... that's excellent work LLP!!!!