Friday, November 17, 2006

Inspiration from a Coincidence

With my last post about the Liberal's Guide to Gift Giving, I received a lot of comments, both on the post and off-line. Frankly, the entire reason I've not posted anything since, is because I've been mulling on these thoughts/comments.
In the creation of this blog, and as one reader aptly put it "Figuring out my place" as a blogger, this has caused me a lot of retrospective contemplating that I might not have normally considered.
As someone who plans on entering the fray of public service one day, I still see things from the outside. I still see more politicians than not who are great at talking the talk, but so few actually walking the talk. As a person who holds integrity as one of her highest values, many find it ironic that I want to go into a field where it's considered a rare find.
Part of the beauty of LLP is that this is a forum to talk and walk. I've always said too many people who blog rant. They justify their ranting by saying that they're 'walking it' by publishing their talk. To that I say pshaw.
The men and women who I truly respect as role models in the battlefield of public policy are those who truly walk their talk. It's about rolling up the sleeves, and going to work, not afraid of getting dirty in the process, or being above anything or anyone. That is exactly what I believe a servant of the people is. That is who I strive to be.

I don't believe in coincidence. I believe everything happens for a reason at exactly the moment it's meant to happen. Case in point - the most recent post about the area's less-fortunate.

Today I had an opportunity to attend an event where Jane Marshall, the executive director of of the Food Bank Council of Michigan spoke about Michigan's hungry. If you recall that article, she's the woman quoted in the LSJ article that inspired my post, and the new permanent additions to this blog on the right side. Now I had no idea that this was the woman in the paper, or that she was going to be the speaker featured at the event. For me, it was just another thing to do/attend on my busy daily schedule. But as I listened to Ms. Marshall, and saw her very startling and disturbing presentation, I realized that this was not a coincidence.

I haven't figured out where this is leading me, but for certain, it's taking me somewhere.
Keep posted as I plow ahead and figure it all out.

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mensch71 said...

Jane Marshall is just one of many warriors in the battle against poverty. She's amazing and thoughtful and well spoken.

I'm going to spend my Thanksgiving feeding those who don't have anywhere else to go. I'll organize if others want to join up.