Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A New Year, A New Michigan, A New You - The Office of the Governor

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Michigan's first female governor, and only one of nine female governors currently serving in the entire U.S.

The Governor's website can be seen here.

Don't let the subdued appearance fool you, this website is chock full of interactive features, including various video clips of important state addresses, and conversations outlining her growth plan for Michigan.

Did you know that the Gov is one hip lady? You can listen to her weekly radio addresses (guaranteed to be more interesting, grammatically correct, and uplifting than that guy in D.C.) through the website or you can download a podcast.

Check out the list of executive orders, and executive directives, special privileges granted only to the Governor. (I'm an especially big fan of this executive directive, I think you might be too.)

Here's a little factoid - There are 21 members of the Cabinet, that are responsible for everything from Education to Agriculture, to the State Budget and the State Police.

Never forgetting who she works for, Governor Granholm has a very large constituent services program. Whether it's sharing a comment/suggestion, a request for assistance, requesting a birthday greeting for a loved one, or recognition of an achievement (Eagle Scout, Retirement, Wedding Anniversary, etc) the Governor is there to help you. Probably one of the most important divisions of the Executive Office, Constituent Services is there to provide an outlet for you, the citizen to make your voice heard.

Of course these are only a few of the different features found on the Governor's website. Be sure to check them all out, and to get to know your government a little better.


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