Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Morning Coffee Talk

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Happy Tuesday! Grab your choice beverage this morning and here we go!
  • The Freep: Maybe Today's the Day, indeed. Will Bishop show up, will he have a plan, will he stop playing politics with Michigan's economy? Fingers crossed!
  • Detroit News: Bishop's not the only Repub with a history of lots of talking without the accompanying walk here in Michigan. President Bush *plans* on meeting with the Big Three Automakers CEO's next Monday. Mmmhmm, I'll believe it when I see it.
  • The AP (c/o LSJ): Fired Michigan U.S. Attorney Margaret Chiara asks Gonzales to quit playing politics and give her the job back. Speaking of which, did you hear about the roadkill found in the Rose Garden at the White House? Nevermind, it turns out it's just Libby Gonzales being hung out to dry by Cheney Bush & Co.
  • The LSJ: Ross B. Emmett: Michigan must nurture innovators and ideas. Emmett's the co-director of the Michigan Center for Innovation & Economic Prosperity at Michigan State University. Can someone make sure that Bishop gets a copy so he has something to read when he's skipping the meeting with the Governor today?
  • Saginaw News: It's taking an entire state to keep 500 new jobs and 600 temporary construction jobs at the Hemlock Saginaw Semiconductor facility. The enemy? Kentucky and a much cheaper electricity bill. Read how the state's definitely putting its best foot forward in The stakes are high: Michigan needs the jobs.
  • Democratic Edge: Lansing's not the only city where Democrats are pleading with Republicans to get their rears in gear. Watch as Kent Co. Democratic Party member Kathy Roaleen asks her Republican counterparts to work together and see their response that amounts to *surprise* a long-winded talk full of hot air and lacking much substance.
  • Capital Viewpoint: Nirmal's got the latest EPIC-MRA Presidential Primary Poll Results. Jeez, if we have numbers like this now, I can only imagine what it's going to look like exactly a year from now! Oy vey!
  • Draft Glenn Anderson for Congress: Heard of the Citizens for Representatives Who Show Up For Office Hours? Probably not, but that could be about to change. There's a group of Michigan residents who are doing their best to convince State Senator Glenn Anderson to run against Michigan Congresscritter Thad McCotter in the 11th Congressional District. There's more info on the MichLib diary. My only question, what does Sen. Anderson have to say about this?
What's happenin' in your neck of the Great Lakes State this morn'? Converse below!

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