Friday, February 23, 2007

On the Friday Front

TGIF! I've got some happy news to report!

If you haven't seen it on Michigan Liberal yet, Senate Democratic Leader Mark Schauer has started to blog! His first post, aptly titled Where is the Republican Budget Plan lays it out. Many thanks to him for reaching out and representing all of Michigan's interests.

Tomorrow is the Blogger's Caucus at the State Convention. If you see a blogger limping around, that will be me. I've got to have minor surgery today on my foot, and it will leave me limping for a while. Funny enough, I had surgery the day before the last convention in August, so I'm afraid people might start to think I do this often. :-) Not true!

Yet another new liberal blog on the block - PhiKapBlog hailing from the mean streets of...Livonia. :-) The author is a frequent poster/commenter over at Michigan Liberal, so stop by, say hello and add him to your blogroll!

Huge props to Rich at Honest Errors for a post so good, it's making it into the Blogger's Guide that's going out tomorrow to folks at the Convention. Reaching Readers Beyond Other Bloggers and Those-In-The-Know is a really excellent piece of info for the answer we're all searching do we gain new readership and continue to grow our base.

Here's to a happy and safe weekend!!


Pohlitics said...

Good luck with the surgery! See ya tomorrow.

Mensch71 said...

Up bright and early, aren't you? Hope today goes well and CALL ME when you're done and home ok.

Anonymous said...

What surgery???
I hope you are ok.....I will see you and the rest of our blogger family tomorrow :)

LiberalLucy said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Surgery went well and I'll be there tomorrow, albeit limping and pain meds in hand (and no, I'm not driving!) :-)

See you all tomorrow!