Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lucy's Latest Favorite Reads

Happy Tuesday! For those of you in the government, at the post office or in a bank, hope you enjoyed your three day weekend, as the rest of us enjoyed our two day weekend. :-)

I've made some subtle and not-so subtle changes to LLP this past weekend, and I've got a lot more new stuff in the works. Of course, until this blog starts to bring serious bucks, I've got a *real* job to maintain too, so all in due time.

First up, and directly to your right, you can now subscribe to LLP by email. Seriously, every time I put up a new post up, you get an email courtesy of Feedburner. Yay! Help yourself!

Over in the links category I wanted to point out a couple new adds to the LLP links list. Consider adding them to your list on Bloglines or other feed reader, they get the Liberal Lucy Stamp of Approval!
  • For an extra dose of snarkiness, be sure to check out Mike Ramsey's Web-Log. Mike's the political cartoonist for the State News, and has been doing a great job for a couple years. Now he can get even better without worrying about an editor to toning down the snarkiness.
  • Upside Down Bananas is another new blog from hailing from West Michigan. I could try to describe it for you, but I thought I'd just let Emily, the UDB's author do it for me...
As a blog, Upside Down Bananas is intended to be an outlet for a variety of interests and thoughts, both personal and professional. It’s not intended to play host to expert opinion at all — consider it the noodlings of a young professional obsessed with researching, exploring, engaging and analyzing the intersection of marketing, technology, strategic communications, organization development and community development.
Emily's most recent post about Nonprofit Leadership in 2020 is really interesting, and you should definitely check it out.
  • If leading is your thing, check out Reading for Leading. Updated every Monday, this blog is an excellent resource for those of us who are interested in the concept of servant-leadership, which is what I strive to practice each day. A great leader doesn't just lead, but leads through serving others. Reading for Leading really provides some excellent tips on serving and leading through some real life glimpses into one man's life. Of course, this man is just not any man, he's Dan Mulhern, Michigan's very own First Gentleman.
Here's wishing all of you a happy and productive Tuesday!

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