Monday, February 12, 2007

Govenor Granholm Live on Daily Kos - 4 p.m. Today!

From Daily Kos-
On Monday at 4pm, Governor Granholm will be posting a diary and responding to questions and comments. She will be focusing on her economic plan and the investments that she layed out in her State of the State address as well as her 2008 budget proposals to solve the state's fiscal crisis.

For a number of reasons, Michigan is facing a very important set of choices in the coming weeks, and it is vital for everyone to understand what is at stake. Here is some background and detail on the Governor's budget proposals and her State of the State address. I know that the Governor is eager to read thoughts on what she has presented and how we can move forward.

Many thanks to Clint from the Governor's office for setting this up. Hope you can be there, it will be an important discussion and I'm anxious to see what the Governor has to say!

See you there!

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