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They fire Imus, we hire Coulter - A Call To Action

In the wake of the Don Imus disaster, one would think that Corporate America would be highly sensitive to the promotion of hate speech, if not for morality's sake, for their profit's sake. For our sake, it's time to fight back and simply say 'No' to Coulter and her hate-mongering.

There's still a chance to stop Coulter's Tour of Hate and Intolerance from coming to Michigan and making a hefty $30,000 while she's at it. But we need your help! (Action Alert Below)

Unfortunately that's not true in one community in Michigan, already branded with a decades-old racist reputation and where, even today, its children are publicly being called racists just for living there.

Howell, Michigan - home of the Livingston County seat, the Michigan Ballonfest Challenge, the Howell Melon Festival, Cleary University, former KKK stronghold, a 95.97% white population and one of the next stops on Ann Coulter's tour of Hate and Intolerance.

Sadly, the Livingston Economic Club (LEC) has opted to pay Coulter $30,000 + travel expenses to preach hate and intolerance to a crowd of 200+ at Cleary University in October. Even worse, Coulter kicks off the Cleary University Founders Week Celebration. According to the Cleary Website -
Through special programs and events, Cleary University attempts to increase it awareness to the community, our alumni, faculty, staff, and current students by highlighting achievements, activities, projects, and future goals.

We at Cleary University have a strong past and proud tradition as a specialized business university and we remain committed to the enhancement of society through the many successes of our alumni and their employers.

*emphasis added*

Despite local outrage and protest over the appearance, according to the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, the LEC has no plans to rescind the offer.

An advisory committee to the Livingston Economic Club decided recently not to rescind the offer to Coulter, said university President Tom Sullivan, despite the furor she caused by using a derogatory term for homosexuals when discussing Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards earlier this year.

Yet, the eight-member executive committee will meet on Thursday, he said, and will conduct a routine review of the economic club's speaker series.

Sullivan said the panel will be told about calls the school has received, either objecting to or supporting Coulter's appearance. The tally of those calls: 33 against Coulter and 35 in favor.

"We're not recommending to them that they take any action," Sullivan said.

He said 200 tickets have been sold.

What A Tangled Web They Weave

It must be mentioned that while it was university that booked her, the actual person (Janet Filip) responsible for booking Coulter is none other than the wife of Livingston County Republican Chairman, Alan Filip.

Another quote from a earlier Press and Argus story has the brother of ultra-conservative MI Congressman Mike Rogers, Livingston County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bill Rogers voicing his support of Coulters, but he was cautious about her now-infamous words against John Edwards.

Bill Rogers — chairman of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners and a fan of Coulter's no-holds-barred take on politics — said he was appalled by her recent remarks.

"I'd still like to hear her speak but I pretty much thought that was a classless remark. You're always curious whether (it) is a bunch of shtick for publicity or is it really her feelings," Rogers said.

Congressman Mike Rogers is a Founding Partner of the Livingston Economic Club, and a sponsor of the series.

According to OpenSecrets, another sponsor of the series, telecom giant Comcast also happens to be a major donor of Mike Rogers.

Purely coincidence, or more agenda pushing by local Republicans?

Michigan Netroots Fight Back

Since the news broke back in early March, Michigan's Liberal/Progressive Bloggers have been hard at work exposing Coulter as the hate monger that she truly is.

Hardest at work has been Livingston County's own Communications Guru. Not only has he been tracking the latest LEC follies, but he's also been keeping tabs on Angry Ann and her latest hateful diatribe of the week.

Republic of M - Gay Michigan has been tracking the events from the LGBT perspective.

Far Left Field - Left Fielder is one great progressive activist who has some great calls to action.

Christine Barry has an interesting perspective on the Imus v. Coulter debate. Of course, that's not all she's got. Her blog is chock full of Coulter insights.

Michigan Liberal is more than just a great blog, it's also the hub for all of us here in the Great Lakes State. There's a long Coulter thread.

Speak Up, Speak Out, Stop the Hate from Invading

The only way to stop Ann Coulter's tour of Intolerance and Hate from festering in Michigan is to contact the Livingston Economic Club and it's members. Remember, they need to hear from us by Thursday in order to stop this!

Please call or email each of the sponsors below, and then send an email to 10 of your friends and family members asking them to do the same. Stopping the hate and spreading a message of tolerance and acceptance begins with us.

Tom Sullivan
President, Cleary University

Pamela McConeghy
Executive Director, Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Julia Liljegren
Executive Director, Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce

Pat Convery
President, Howell Area Chamber of Commerce

Fred Dillingham
Executive Director, Economic Development Council of Livingston County

Congressman Mike Rogers (MI-08)
Click to Email

Jerome Espy
Vice President -Michigan Communications, Comcast Corporation

Rich Perlburg
Executive Editor, Livingston County Daily Press and Argus

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Anonymous said...

As a former resident of Howell growing up and recent Michigan Works employee this is really difficult to hear.

I worked closely with the folks at the Economic Development Council and I am very frustrated to hear that there have been layoffs and yet Ann Coulter is coming.It absolutely reeks of skewed priorites.

Howell has changed a lot since I have moved there in 1991. But it still has a long way to go.