Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Something's Brewing in the Neighborhood...

Who Is This Man?

He carries a big stick.

He doesn't wear a yellow sweater.

He preaches war and hate.

He openly discriminates against the very people he's supposed to be working for.

He narrowly missed getting downsized last month. (too bad!)

He's good buddies with two of Washington's most corrupt players (Abramoff and DeLay)

He got more airtime with this child molester (Mark Foley) on CNN than he probably has his entire career.

He lives in Our Neighborhood.

That's right, he's the one and only U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (MI-08), your very own public official.

We're going to hold him accountable and
  • Watch every vote,
  • Count each dollar collected from special interests and
  • Record each time he continues to wreak havoc on us, the people of the 8th Congressional District.

Stop on by The Neighborhood and join us as we take back Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.


Cathleen said...

Heh. He won't know what hit him. You go, girl!

David A Wishinsky said...

Nice... if you need any help feel free to let me know. Even if people think I look like him :(