Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It Only Takes a Spark

Blogging is a labor of love, without a doubt. Any semi-serious blogger will tell you that. Community blogs, such as Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood can be less ardous and in some ways, more fulfilling than traditional one-man blogs.

Since my venture into the world o' blogging little under a year ago, I have become deeply passionate about this venue and its potential for the political sphere. The internet is the place to be seen and heard, and it's only fitting that politics has its place here.

I've recently been promoted to front-page contributor at MichiganLiberal, a huge honor and even bigger responsibility that I refuse to take lightly. Within the core group of bloggers that call MichLib home, the running joke is that I'm the cruise director of the group. It's not so much a joke as it is fitting. I'm a networker, I bring different people, groups, and organizations together. I'm more than just a social person, I'm a connector.

I believe the best writers are the ones who stay true to their passions and their strengths. It is my hope to help connect voters to the information they need to be the best informed about their government. I've seen how various watchblogs can be extremely effective at this if managed properly and updated regularly.

I don't believe that blogs need to be flashy or nasty, just informative. If it's entertaining and informative, all the better because it makes for an even more enjoyable read. In the end, blogs are simply an educational tool that the public can utilize to stay informed.

In the coming weeks and months expect to hear a lot of grassroots information from me both here and on MichLib. I firmly believe that there are many readers and lurkers of blogs just waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump in. I'm going to be meeting with a lot of folks all over the state, working hard, continuing to get the word out, and providing the nudge that we all need in order to get started.

If you've got a desire to learn more, to make your own mark, and do your part, drop me a line.

A community starts with one person working with another.
It's about what's best for MI, not just for me.

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