Monday, October 06, 2008

30 Days Out and Workin' Hard

Hello again.

Life's been quite crazy, and yes, we've got a very big election here in 30 days. I hope you're registered or will be doing so today, since it's the last day you can.

Don't mistake my silence for non-participation, but very active participation, through work, volunteer efforts and of course, blogging.

Of very importance to me this election season is Proposition 2, which seeks to overturn the state ban on Stem Cell research in Michigan, led by the folks at Cure Michigan. I've been working hard on the issue, and as my regular readers know, it's something I've been advocating on behalf of for a very long time.

If you've been following along over at Michigan Liberal, then you probably caught my post from a couple weeks ago. I'm not going to make like a broken record and repeat myself, but I cannot stress how important it is for our state, both medically and financially that this passes. Please check out the proposal, sign up to stay informed and help out, and most importantly, vote YES on Prop 2 next month. p.s. They could really use your donation in voter education. Will you make a donation today?

Speaking of Prop 2, the Detroit News has accepted a column from me that will run sometime this week, and I'll be posting it here. Stay tuned.

Speaking of staying tuned, I'm on Twitter, check it out and follow along.

I've missed blogging, but like anything, sometimes you need to step away from it and get recharged and now it's good to be back. Expect to see more from me over the next coming weeks.

Until then, consider checking out some of the other blogs I'm reading, both political and not from various other fabulous female bloggers across the Mitten State.

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See you back here soon!

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Scott said...

Yay! Kudos to you for all of your hard work!

I expect to see much more blogging from you after the election! Just kidding ;-)