Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Mish-Mash

Happy Tuesday to you and yours. (Sheesh, this is beginning to sound like my Tuesday Coffee Talk). It's probably because I've said it a few hundred times in the last couple years... :-)

But on to the serious stuff from 'The People that I like that Write' file.

Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press columnist and occasional NPR commentator has absolutely been on fire lately. I have to be honest, as far as a female perspective on the very real Sarah Palin problem, she's the one that I tend to agree with the most. From snarky bits like "Palin's run only setting women back' and 'Sarah Palin? Leave the race before you further hurt women' coupled with today's 'The Easy 18-Step Guide to Losing a Presidential Election' not only makes you shake your head, laugh, and savor the truth wrapped up in the bite. It's sooo good to be bad sometimes.

Andrew Heller is a columnist over at the Flint Journal that definitely doesn't get enough praise for his stuff. Today he brings up a very poignant, and some what humorous column - 'How come the Undecideds are Undecided?' which just happens to a question I've always asked myself. One of these days I'd like to ask one of these mysterious Undecideds exactly why it is they are so undecided about.

On to one of my pet issues - if you're not still not convinced why you should vote YES for Prop 2 next month for Cures for Michigan, perhaps you should check out my post on why the opposition are full of scares and that's about it.

That reminds me, with Halloween quickly approaching, you can put your progressive spirit on the right track with a Obama-riffic pumpkin from the folks at 'Yes We Carve!' and no, I'm not making that up.

If pumpkin carving isn't quite your thing, consider turning the kids out to be Trick or Treaters for Obama...and no, definitely not making that one up.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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